Welcome to TeleTV, home of the best deals and advice on television sets. We compare the different types of TV; LCD, LED and Plasma, the make of TV; Acer to Toshiba, and the screen size; 16-55 inches.

Choosing the right TV can be difficult enough without having to research about different types and makes. Here at TeleTV we have dedicated experts testing new models, makes, and types each day to determine the best. It’s important to know the facts before going out and buying a TV, the most important aspect of a TV is it’s reliability. Nobody wants a TV that stops working after a few weeks due to bad engineering, so it’s vital to know which makes and types are trustworthy.

Offer of the Day

Make: Toshiba
Screen size:32 inch
Screen Type: LED
1080p HD Ready TV
2x HDMI ports
1 x USB port
1920 x 1080 resolution
3000000:1 Contrast Ratio
Built in Freeview

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TV related questions

Here we have listed some of the common questions that are posed to us by family and friends when buying a TV, so we thought they may help you too.
Which Make is the best?
The brand or make of TV is usually a large point in determining the TV you buy. Most of us will have a favourite brand whether it be from good experiences with previous TV’s or even mobile phones, and so will not have a problem with this aspect of the decision making. However, those of you who do should know that the higher tier brands are, in general, the best engineered and as such offer better features, quality, and longevity…Read more →
Which is better? LCD, LED or Plasma?
LCD or LED? LCD or Plasma? LED or Plasma? These are the questions that are often asked to us, and they are important. For general viewing purposes such as watching TV shows, you will not notice any difference between the types and as such, the cheapest is the best option. However, for more specific functions such as HD viewing, i.e. gaming, blu-rays and dvds, some TV types offer better quality picture and sound than others…Read more →
What’s the lifespan of modern TV’s?
The lifespan of modern TV’s is constantly in debate with many reasons as to why. The main one is that old fashioned TV’s seemed to live forever, in any condition, whilst more modern one’s tend to need a more gentle touch. This was true 5-10 years ago when the technology of modern TV’s was in its primary stages. Nowadays the technology, whilst still evolving, has become more reliable and lifespans of today’s TV’s have been quoted as being as long as 100,000 hours! That’s 11 years of constant TV viewing … Read more →
What is High Definition?
High definition (HDTV) is a term that is used alot in the TV market, and it is important to know what it is, as well as the different types and how it differs from standard definition… Read more →